Big Ang Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Big Ang Plastic Surgery is claimed as the example of plastic surgery disaster. Her surgery looks like a nightmare for her appearance.

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There a lot of people are still wondering why she’s too obsessed with plastic surgery,  which almost destroys her look, and are wondering what she looked before surgery.

What Did Big Ang Look Like Before

If you are wondering what she looked before getting some work done, here are some pictures of Big Ang before plastic surgery. Let’s check them out!

Pics of Big Ang before Plastic Surgery

Big Ang Younger Years
Big Ang Younger Years Before Plastic Surgery

Big Ang Pre Plastic Surgery

And then, let’s compare the pictures above with the recent photos of Big Ang. Many people are shocked looking at her transformation. What about you?

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Then and Now

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Big Ang Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Big Ang Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Based on the reports published by, the Mob Wives star is indeed tempted to enhance her appearance via plastic surgery. In exclusive interview, she openly told that she underwent some procedures of cosmetic surgery such as facelift, nose job, tummy tuck, liposuction, lips injection, and three boob jobs. As a result, she now looks much different than she used to. She does not look as beautiful as before getting surgery.

Big Ang Plastic Surgery List Reviewed by Plastic Surgeons

According to Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City,  Besides the surgical procedures above, Angela looks like considering some modification to her Botox pattern.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer suggested her to stop everything dealing with plastic surgery procedures.

“The Mob Wives Star Angela Raiola has clearly had several cosmetic procedures done and she is now looking over-done.”

Big Ang Nose job

Dr. Michael Salzhauer says “the shape of Big Ang nose does not look proportional for her facial feature, indicating bad nose job done.” To eliminate the risk, the surgeon recomended that she did not need to take any surgical procedures again.

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Big Ang Lips Injection

Big Ang has openly told that she underwent lips augmentation surgery eleven years ago. The result of her lips injection can be seen through the shape of her lips now. It looks like swollen, far from the natural shape. See the picture below!

Big Ang Lips After Plastic Surgery

Big Ang Breast Implants

Besides lips injection, she also claimed that she had done breast implants three times. The first boob job was done when she was 27 years old exactly in 1985. Ten years later, she did the second one. While, the third breast augmentation surgery was done in 2005. Want to see the result? See the picture below!

Big Ang Breast Implants Photo

Big Ang Liposuction

After having had a lips injection and breast implants, they apparently never made her feel satisfied. Therefore, she decided to take additional surgery namely liposuction or medically called as lipoplasty in which it finally makes her feel much better than before.

Big Ang Liposuction Picture

In short, no matter who you are or how much money you pay for the plastic surgery, it is still completely possible to have an awful plastic surgery. Big Ang plastic surgery at least teaches us that taking the shortcut to gain perfect look is high risk because it can be like a boomerang which can destroy our beautiful appearance anytime.

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