Blac Chyna Before Plastic Surgery Photos 2018

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Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Procedures

Nose Job

The first sign of Blac Chyna surgery can be seen from her nose which now appears much better defined than it was before. The nassal bridge seemed to be narrowed, so that her nose can look slimmer without a bump at the tip. With new shape of nose she now looks more beautiful than before.

Breast Implants

chyna boobs job before and after

From before and after pictures above, it is very clear that Chyna boobs look twice bigger than before, indicating boob job has been done well there.

Butt implants

black chyna butt implants before and after

The most noticeable sign of Chyna surgery can be seen from the shape of her butt. Blac Chyna butt now appears much bigger than she used to. People believe that she has undergone a butt implant, so that her butt looks fake.

Lips and Cheek Injections

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Lips

The last surgical procedures which she might get is filler injections which were injected into her lips and cheeks. Blac Chyna lips now look fuller while her cheeks appear higher than before.

Blac Chyna Before and After Plastic Surgery Pics

Indeed, there has no been any statements from Chyna whether she really has been under knife or not. But, from the comparison between Blac Chyna before and after photos people do believe that her nose, boobs, butt and lips were enhanced via plastic surgery.

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