Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2018

Coco Austin Booty
Coco Austin Booty

Coco Austin plastic surgery rumors began spreading and being hot topic in several forums since her boobs and butt increased twice bigger than she used to. Since then, a lot of people began to relate her appearance as the work of a plastic surgeon.

Coco Plastic Surgery Procedures

Based on the result of plastic surgeon’s reviews, the procedures of Coco Austin plastic surgery might include boob job (breast implants medically called breast augmentation surgery) and butt implants. How does the result look? See the pictures below!

Coco Austin Boob Job

Coco Austin Boob Job Before And After
Coco Austin Boob Job Before And After

If we compare between Coco Austin pictures before surgery with the recent one, her boobs indeed look twice bigger. A lot of people speculate that Coco Austin breast size has turned into 34DD.

Coco Butt Implants

Coco Butt Implants Before And After
Coco Butt Implants Before And After

What about the rumors of Coco butt implants? Is Coco’s butt real? Judging from the picture comparison, her butt does not look natural. It looks like too big for her body size. Therefore, viewers believe that she definitely had undergone butt implants.


Did Coco Austin admit all the procedures alleged? Through an exclusive interview Ice T wife Coco finally admitted to having some cosmetic surgery procedures done. What procedures did she admit? Watch the video below!

Check out the following transcripts of her interview to make clear what she said.

On her clothing line and fitness app:
I feel really good about myself; I’m very happy with my relationship and I wanna share that with my fans. So I want to make you look good. I’ve got a clothing line called Licious, it’ll make you look good. I’ve got a fitness app that’ll make you feel good.

On whether or not she’s had any plastic surgery:
I enhanced my boobs at like 18, that’s the only thing.

On what she thinks about butt implants/shots:
I mean, I hate to be a hypocrite; you’re gonna do what you want with your body. And I believe you should go under the knife, if you really want to. But, I believe that… right now, we’re sitting on our booty. It’s not like you sit on your chest. Your chest is kind of out of the area, but you’re always using your legs and that part of your body.

So I don’t think you should do anything with it because something might get whacked out of place. A boob can [even] get whacked out of place and I’m still careful with that so, that area, I would stay away from.

In short, with or without Coco Austin’s admission, viewers actually have been able to see that her appearance is not shaped naturally, but it looks like the work of a plastic surgeon.

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