Dove Cameron Before After Plastic Surgery 2018

Did Dove Cameron Get Plastic Surgery?

One of the rising stars in Hollywood, Dove Cameron, lately become subject of plastic surgery rumors. She reportedly had undergone a nose job, lip injections, and possible boob job as well.

dove cameron before plastic surgery
dove cameron before plastic surgery

The speculation of Dove Cameron surgery is based on her latest appearance, particularly her nose and lips, which now looks a little bit different than she used to.

Dove Cameron Nose Job

dove cameron nose job before and after pictures
Dove Cameron Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Nose job procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among celebrities. Let’s see how Lady Gaga’s nose looks after being enhanced by plastic surgeon! Her nose now looks slimmer and sharper.


Did Dove Cameron get nose job? Judging from before and after pictures, some viewers believe that she had rhinoplasty. Their allegation is based on the shape of her new nose shape which now looks a more defined with a protruding nose tip.

Dove Cameron Lip Injections

Besides nose job, the 21-year old singer Dove Cameron was also rumored having been under knife for lip injections or lips augmentation surgery. This speculation can be proven by her new lips which now appear fuller and pouty.

dove cameron lip injections before and after pictures
Dove Cameron Lip Injections before and After

What about the rumors of boob job? There are still many debates whether Dove Cameron boobs are fake or real, since her age is still young and everything can still happen including the boobs enhancement. The only evidence is based on the picture comparisons between Dove Cameron boobs before and after surgery.

dove cameron boobs before and after pictures
Dove Cameron Boobs Before and After Pictures

Dove Cameron herself has not ever given official statement whether she had undergone plastic surgery or not, she seems enjoy the rumors.

In short, regardless of whether the rumors of Dove Cameron plastic surgery are true or not, viewers see that her appearance now looks much prettier than she was before.

However, if the rumors are indeed true, we hope that she will not get addicted to plastic surgery one day and continue to entertain us with best acting and her gold voice.

What do you think of Dove’s beauty evolution? Does she really look like getting nose job and lip injections?

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