Gwen Stefani Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures 2018

Did Gwen Stefani Have Plastic Surgery?

Gwen Stefani plastic surgery has stolen much attentions of plastic surgeons. The 47-year-old singer reportedly had undergone facelift, nose job, lip injections, teeth surgery, boob job, and possible tummy tuck as well.

gwen stefani plastic surgery
gwen stefani plastic surgery

Speaking about plastic surgery rumors over the year, Stefani said that she has not had any cosmetic surgery procedures done to her face and she is not yet ready for plastic surgery. She said:

“I enjoy a great surgery TV show as much as anyone — I watched a lot of those shows while I was pregnant! But it’s pretty bizarre that that’s where we’re at — that you can place an order for how you’re going to look. People take it pretty lightly, but it’s a big deal. I’ve thought it over but I’m not at that stage yet,”

Did Stefani tell the truth? Many plastic surgeons think the woman who is not only best known as singer but also as fashion designer has obviously gotten plastic surgery even though she has denied these rumors.

Gwen Stefani Then and Now

The most common way to know whether celebrity have had a plastic surgery or not is by comparing their old photos with the recent ones.


The following is picture comparisons of Gwen Stefani before and after plastic surgery. Let’s check them out!

did gwen stefani have plastic surgery
did gwen stefani have plastic surgery
gwen stefani before and after plastic surgery
gwen stefani before and after plastic surgery
gwen stefani cosmetic surgery
gwen stefani cosmetic surgery
has gwen stefani had plastic surgery
has gwen stefani had plastic surgery

Which of these looks is your favourite? What plastic surgery procedures do you think Gwen Stefani has had done?

Gwen Stefani Facelift and Botox

The rumors of Gwen Stefani facelift began spreading after some viewers see her face skin which looks a bit frozen without wrinkles.

gwen stefani facelift before and after
Gwen Stefani Facelift Before and After

Looking at her wooden face skin, Dr. Zara Harutyunyan thinks that she does not only have Botox injection, but she might also have a facelift and possible neck lift as well.

“It looks to me like Gwen also has undergone Ultratherapy, which is a non-surgical face lift and neck lift,”

Gwen Stefani Nose Job

The other procedure of Gwen Stefani cosmetic surgery is a nose job. This allegation can be proved from the shape of her nose before and after surgery as seen in picture comparisons below!

gwen stefani nose job before and after
Gwen Stefani Nose Job Before and After

Judging from before and after pictures above, the shape of Gwen Stefani nose has changed. It now look slimmer than and better defined than it was before.

Gwen Stefani Lip Injections

gwen stefani lip injections before and after
Gwen Stefani Lip Injections Before And After

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Gwen Stefani lips now look luscious and plumped up, indicating lip injections like Restylane or Juvederm.

Gwen Stefani Teeth Before And After

Some viewers might ever wonder how Stefani got her perfect teeth whereas previously not well organized.

gwen stefani teeth before and after
Gwen Stefani Teeth Before And After

Looking at Gwen Stefani teeth, people believe that she must have a little work done to her teeth from whitening to straightening, veneers to braces.

Gwen Stefani Breast Implants

gwen stefani boob job before and after
Gwen Stefani Boob Job Before and After

Further, some people also sees that Gwen Stefani breasts now look tight and fuller than she used to, indicating breast implants (boob job). She might have denied these rumors, but the picture comparisons cannot hide the change in her breast size.

After getting breast augmentation surgery, Gwen Stefani breast size has increased from A cup-sized breast to a moderate B cup breast size.

Gwen Stefani Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, which is also known as abdominoplasty, is the procedure to remove excess fat and skin. In most cases, restores weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.

gwen stefani tummy tuck

Looking at Gwen Stefani’s stomach which looks very taut without excessive skin and fats, people guess that she might get tummy tuck so that her stomach can look so amazing.

If Gwen Stefani really had cosmetic surgery, the surgical procedures seemed to be completely well done, so that she can still look natural.

Regardless of whether she underwent plastic surgery or not, Gwen is a beautiful woman whose sense of fashion and style is matched by an equally unique talent and voice.

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