Has Jennifer Aniston Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face?

The rumors of Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery have been stealing public attention for years. She reportedly had undergone a nose job, breast augmentation, Botox or fillers, and laser treatment.

Did Jennifer Aniston Have a Nose Job

A lot of viewers believe that the former star of NBC sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has had nose job. Their allegation is based on the new shape of her nose that has changed. See the picture comparison below!

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before And After
Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before And After

If we look carefully at the picture comparison above, it is very clear that the shape of Jennifer Aniston nose now looks better defined than before.

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However, the fans claimed that Jennifer Aniston nose job was not for cosmetic reasons, but this procedure was performed to correct a deviated septum.

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job

Besides nose job, Jennifer Aniston is also rumored to have had boob job (breast implants). This allegation is based on the picture comparison which show much different breast size. Her breasts look much bigger and fuller than they used to.

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job Before And After
Jennifer Aniston Boob Job Before And After

According to Dr. Susan Evans, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, “Ms. Aniston looks to have gotten her breasts augmented with a conservative B cup size implant and natural contouring, as opposed to unnatural implant rising up to her neck.”

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Meanwhile, Dr. Zara Harutyunyan sees that Jennifer Aniston boobs do not match to her slim body frame. She said:

“It looks like Jennifer Aniston has undergone a vampire breast lift, using her own growth factors to increase the shape and look of her cleavage. She could have also gotten a breast lift also knows as a Mastopexy surgery, which would help raise and firm her breasts.”

Jennifer Aniston Botox

Jennifer Aniston, 46 years old, still looks attractive and beautiful. At her age she still steals the spotlight every time she walks the red carpet. But, is her ageless appearance really all natural?

Jennifer Aniston Botox Injection
Jennifer Aniston Botox Injection

According to plastic surgeon, John G. Westine, MD, she may have had Botox injection to fight the aging process. He told:

“Mrs. Aniston was blessed with favorable features that continue to allow graceful aging, But it is likely she has had a little injectable help along the way with neuromodulators and fillers.”

To make her youthful look more perfect, she could also have had a skin laser treatment to eliminate the wrinkles.

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