If You Don’t Feel These 10 Ways In Your Relationship It’s Not Real

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4. It should make you feel… angry

Honest relationships come with honest fights. Arguments, heated discussions and fits of rage are inescapable side effects of passion.

The fights, however, are never empty. They are full of purpose and weight. Healthy couples don’t fight for drama or attention but for a resolution.

5. It should make you feel… tired

Tired from staying up all night. Tired from spending the day learning about each other — digging into one another’s core.

Tired from giving everything you have to this one person you’d give anything to.

6. It should make you feel… uneasy

With respect and adoration comes slight neuroticism. You can’t love someone and not fear him or her at the same time because of the power he or she holds over you — because this one person has the ability to throw your heart back in your face, to drop you from the highest high you’ve ever been.

7. It should make you feel… ugly

The ugliest couples are the most beautiful. To feel unattractive, to knowingly expose your most raw self to someone, is beautiful.

Those who can show themselves at their worst moments, sit there with their mask off and true colors spread have achieved a level of comfort that only comes with bearing the ugly.

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