If Your Boyfriend Says Any of These 20 Things, Your Relationship Isn’t Going To Last

There are certain statements that guys make that say absolutely everything and tell us what we need to know about where things are going. Again, it might not be the sweet nothings that we’re waiting to hear, and we might be upset to realize that they don’t feel the same way. But, hey, it’s better to know, right? If our boyfriends say these 20 things to us, our relationship isn’t going to last.

20. “I THINK I Could Love You, Let’s Just See Where Things Go”

Saying the L-word always seems like such a big deal. That’s how it looks in the movies, anyway. We watch rom-coms and see characters struggling to find the right words and the right time. We think that it has to be this big song and dance, and that if our boyfriend really does feel that way about us, he has to say it with flowers and chocolate and a fancy dinner. Oh, and candles should probably be involved, too.

Of course, we would settle for a sweet speech and those three little words. So what happens when our boyfriend doesn’t seem to want to say that… or doesn’t seem to be able to? If our boyfriend says, “I think I could love you, let’s just see where things go” (or some variation of it), then that’s a really bad sign.

Honestly, whenever a guy says “let’s see where things go” it really means the opposite. Or it means that we’re going absolutely nowhere.

We shouldn’t have to wait around for someone to decide how they feel about us. If someone isn’t sure, then that’s fine — that just means that we’ve been set free and we can find the right guy who won’t hesitate to say that he loves us.

19. “I Don’t Believe In Marriage”

It’s easy to think that if our boyfriend tells us that either he doesn’t believe in marriage or he doesn’t want to get married that he’s going to change his mind. That’s a pretty dangerous road to go down.

It’s one thing if someone isn’t sure that they want to marry someone when it’s only been a few weeks… and it’s entirely another if it’s been five years. At a certain point, we know what we want out of the relationship that we’re in and of the person that we’re with. If we want to get married and our partner doesn’t, then that’s a really big deal and something that we definitely need to deal with and discuss. It doesn’t mean that we have to dump them ASAP, but it might not mean that we’re going to get the grand love story that we’ve been dreaming of.

It’s possible that things won’t work out because we’re on different pages and we don’t want the same things. Why should we have to settle when we really want to get married? That sounds like a bad idea. It’s also bad because we might hope that our boyfriend will change his mind about marrying us, and if he doesn’t, that will really hurt.

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