K Michelle Plastic Surgery on Face Before and After Photos 2018

Did K Michelle Have Plastic Surgery?

K Michelle Plastic Surgery
K Michelle Plastic Surgery

An American R&B singer Kimberly Michelle Pate, better known by her stage name K. Michelle, lately becomes the subject of plastic surgery rumor. The procedures of K Michelle plastic surgery were believed covering butt implants, liposuction, nose job, and boob job. How do the changes look now? See the picture comparisons below!

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

K Michelle Butt Injections

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics
K Michelle Butt Injections Before and After Plastic Surgery

Does K Michelle Have Butt Implants? Look at her butt! It looks bigger now. The change of K Michelle’s butt in size was believed as the result of butt augmentation surgery or butt implants.

Boob Job

Besides butt implants, K Michelle was also rumored to have been under knife for  breast augmentation. See the picture comparison below!

K Michelle Breast Before and After Plastic Surgery
K Michelle Breast Before and After Plastic Surgery

From the pictures above, can you see the different in K Michelle Breast size? A lot of viewers see that her boobs now look bigger and fuller than before. They believe that must be the effect of implants.

K Michelle Nose Job

The other procedure of K Michelle plastic surgery can be seen from the new shape of her nose. You can see the difference in the following picture!

K Michelle Before and After Surgery
K Michelle Nose Job Before and After

Look at her nose! It now appears better defined and slimmer than it was before. Some guessed that the change in K Michelle’s nose might be caused by rhinoplasty surgery.

K Michelle Liposuction

K Michelle Liposuction
K Michelle Liposuction

The other surgical procedure K Michelle might have was liposuction. This allegation is based on the appearance of stomach skin which looks smooth without a lot of fats.

What do you think of K Michelle plastic surgery rumor? Did she really have the procedures of cosmetic surgery done?

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