Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before And After 2018

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery – Has Kelly Ripa Had Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery has been talked by a lot of people. This is due to her dramatic change which makes her now look weird.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to the rumors spreading, 46-year-old American actress and television host reportedly had a conservative rhinoplasty (nose job) in the past which has subtly altered the size of her nose. She was also rumored having been under knife for Botox and fillers to help stay wrinkle-free and youthful looking.

Kelly Ripa Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Did Kelly Ripa have a nose job? See the pictures below!

Kelly Ripa nose job before and after

Viewers have noticed that Kelly’s nose is slightly slimmer and more refined than it was before. They believe that Kelly Ripa nose job was done conservatively. However, as Kelly has lost weight on her rise to fame, it could also be the same nose on a slimmer face.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery – Botox Injections

Kelly might enjoy her photo airbrushing so much. Her forehead is fully free from wrinkles, indicating the result of Botox injection.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

According to Dr. David Shafer, “There is no question Kelly is beautiful. She seems to have lost weight and is in better shape from her earlier pictures. There is not much evidence of plastic surgery. She does have a wrinkle-less forehead and a “Botox glow” which makes me wonder if she has had Botox Cosmetic treatments.”

Although her face skin is free from wrinkles, but some viewers see that her appearance, particularly her face skin, looks weird. They are afraid of the actress has gotten botox gone wrong.

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Kelly Ripa Boob Job

Boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation surgery) becomes the top of the wishlist for many actresses and models. Many of them want the perfect figure even though they have to go through the pain of surgery. But, did Kelly Ripa have boob job? See the pictures below!

Kelly Ripa Boob Job Before and After

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction

What do you think? Did she look like having boob job done?

Although the rumors of Kelly Ripa breast implants are still just speculations, viewers see that Kelly Ripa boobs now look much different. They now appear twice bigger and fuller than they were before Although in the end her breast size changed to the previous form, small and flat . People believe that she might have gone for a breast augmentation surgery first to increase her bosom size and then went for a breast reduction surgery.

Kelly Ripa Bra Size

Kelly Ripa Bra Size

Did she admit having some work plastic surgery procedures done?

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, she neither admitted nor denied. She just told that there was not something wrong with plastic surgery.

“I mean, I always like the way I look if I’m on the cover of a magazine – when they airbrush me, I always look so much better. Why is that? Well, because they smooth out fine lines.”

She also said,

“I really don’t think there is anything wrong with it [plastic surgery].” And went on to liken plastic surgery to having her hair done, “I am in a place in my life where I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I mean, I get my teeth cleaned if they are dirty. If my roots darken, I get them colored.”

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Kelly Ripa Weight Loss Secret

Kelly Ripa Before and After Weight Loss

Kelly Ripa reveals that she hardly ever skips her fitness routine to for her body tape. She said:

“There are a lot of people that don’t have to work out, and I am so happy for them, but I have to work out for my body type,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s part of my routine. It’s part of my ritual. It doesn’t just make me look better, but it makes me emotionally feel better.”

Besides having routine work out, she also revealed that she was doing alkaline diet, only eat foods that are low in acid.

What Does Kelly Ripa Eat Every Day?

Based on the report published by, she loves to eat greek yogurt, goldfish crackers, cheese, fresh fruit, and girl scout cookies. She also reveals that to keep her eating taste buds, she often elevates the flavors in healthy, no-fuss meals with simple, fresh and unprocessed ingredients.

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