Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before And After 2018

Kelly Ripa Weight Loss Secret

Kelly Ripa Before and After Weight Loss

Kelly Ripa reveals that she hardly ever skips her fitness routine to for her body tape. She said:

“There are a lot of people that don’t have to work out, and I am so happy for them, but I have to work out for my body type,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s part of my routine. It’s part of my ritual. It doesn’t just make me look better, but it makes me emotionally feel better.”

Besides having routine work out, she also revealed that she was doing alkaline diet, only eat foods that are low in acid.

What Does Kelly Ripa Eat Every Day?

Based on the report published by, she loves to eat greek yogurt, goldfish crackers, cheese, fresh fruit, and girl scout cookies. She also reveals that to keep her eating taste buds, she often elevates the flavors in healthy, no-fuss meals with simple, fresh and unprocessed ingredients.

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