Learn These Life Lessons from a Divorced Man That Could Have Saved Your Marriage or Relationships!

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#1 Never stop dating each other

Most of us think that once we are married and start living together 24/7, there is no need to date one another, i.e. go out for coffee or long drives, picnics, movies etc. but we are wrong. When you first met, both of you made an effort to be with each other so honor this commitment as this is why you fell in love!

#2 Never take anyone for granted

Given she is your wife but that doesn’t mean she is not the woman you fell in love with. Initially, in the courting days, you made an effort, appreciated her, made her felt loved and surprised her. Continue to do the same for the relationship to remain loving, happy and respectful.

#3 Protect your heart

In a marriage there will be love if the people in it believing in loving themselves as well. Take good care of yourself. It is motivating for both individuals.

#4 Fall in love with each other over and over again

Did you fall in love at first sight? Appreciate the little things you love about your spouse, see the beauty in things and enjoy the simple things together. Everyone changes over the years but love need not change. Find or make reasons to fall in love with them over and over again.

#5 Always see the best in your spouse

True, you want to kill, yell or leave your spouse for the littlest things daily but look at their best qualities and what they make you feel about them. Focus on love and nothing else, and you will see all the imperfections melt away.

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