Learn These Life Lessons from a Divorced Man That Could Have Saved Your Marriage or Relationships!

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#6 Don’t try to change them

We always feel we could do certain things better than our spouse yet they are the ones doing it. when we fall in love with them as they are, with all their flaws, what’s the point in trying to change them to be like you? Opposites attract, remember?

#7 Be responsible

You are responsible for your emotions. And no, it is not your spouse’s job to make you happy all the time. Being happy is something you have to feel and the same thing can be said being sad. You need to find your own happiness, and spread it into your relationship as well.

#8 Don’t play the blame game

There are no winners in a blame game. Nothing more is achieved or won as the blame is simply bounced off one another.

#9 Let your spouse be themselves

Hold your spouse, make her feel wanted, loved and appreciated. Make her realize that you are there for her when she needs you. Let her be – yes, she can be upset or angry, or cry as it is only human to do so. Don’t run away or shut her out. Listen to her. She needs you more than she needs your gifts.

#10 Be there for her

She needs to be your center of attention because you are in her focus all the time. So when you are with her, pay attention to her, talk to her, get to know more about her and listen to her. Treat her as your most important client.

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