Learn These Life Lessons from a Divorced Man That Could Have Saved Your Marriage or Relationships!

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#11 Be Silly around her

Life is too short to be serious all the time. And being with someone who knows you inside out, you needn’t worry about being silly around or being laughed at!

#12 Don’t be perfect but also don’t be an idiot

When around your better half, don’t try to be all perfect. It will only give rise to unnecessary expectations and become a burden. So this also means don’t be an idiot – you can make mistakes and accept them when around them!

#13 Be sexually attracted to her

Love is not enough and lust is an important part of the equation called marriage. It is important for you to feel sexually attracted towards your wife. Devour her, cherish her and love her. Let her melt into your arms.

#14 Give her space

Yes, you love her and love to be with each other. But you still need to give her her space! She needs to be by herself for a while and needs to do stuff all by herself. So, don’t eat into her time and don’t stalk her!

#15 Be transparent

No relationship can last if you don’t tell each other everything – good, bad or ugly. No matter what the cause or what reaction you might get no secret is worth hiding.

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