Learn These Life Lessons from a Divorced Man That Could Have Saved Your Marriage or Relationships!

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#16 Be vulnerable

She is the one person you have promised to share your life with including your misgivings and flaws. You cannot be all perfect in front of her. Be vulnerable and let her see this side of you. She will only respect you more.

#17 Grow together

Yes, you both are aging and growing old, and in a marriage, you have vowed to do so together. Apart from this, growing together means to encourage one and other in each one’s endeavors. Respect each other’s choice of vocation and encourage growth.

#18 Don’t worry about money

Money will come and go but restricting quality time, experiences, vacations etc. due to money is not worth it. you both need to work on finances and have each other’s back.

#19 Forgive quickly

We are all humans and mistakes are common. But there is no point in creating a grudge and take the anger to bed. Forgive each other, talk it out before you both hit the bed. Forgive and you will feel free.

#20 Pick love over everything else

This is the only thing you really need. It should be your guiding principle in life and in marriage. Love resolves every problem and keeps one happy.

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