Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Before After Pics 2018

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery – an American actress, journalist, television host, and occasional professional wrestler of Greek descent Maria Menounos reportedly had some work done to enhance her look. However, the truth of this rumor is still debated by plastic surgeons.

Did she really have a nose job or might be more? Let’s investigate!

Before investigating further whether the rumor of Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery is true or not, let’s see first the following pictures!

Maria Menounos Before Plastic Surgery

Maria Menounos Before Plastic Surgery Photo Maria Menounos Before Plastic Surgery ImageMaria Menounos Plastic Surgery Pics

Then compare the pictures above with the latest photos of Maria Menounos below!

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Image Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Photos

Judging from before and after pictures above, people see that her appearance now looks much more attractive than before.

The big question is what surgical procedures she had? From the comparison between before and after photos, people see that there is big change on the shape of her nose, indicating a nose job. See the pictures below!

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Maria Menounos Nose Job Before and After

Can you see the difference? Look at the tip of her nose! it now appears more defined than before.

Besides nose job (rhinoplasty) she was also reported having a boob job (breast implants) The allegation is based on Maria Menounos breast size which looks bigger than she used to.

Maria Menounos Breast Implants

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Maria Menounos looks good and very natural.  Her breasts appear soft and have a natural shape to them.  She may have had her nose done giving her nose such a defined tip.”

Regardless of whether the rumors of Maria Menounos plastic surgery is true or not, her beauty evolution looks great. She does not appear to go overboard like Cat Lady (Jocelyn Wildenstein).

And, the most important thing is that people should focus on the talent of Maria Menounos, not on her plastic surgery rumors. It is not easy to be a diva in WWE, as there are thousands of women who would want a shot at fame during the WWE Divas Auditions.

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