Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before After 2018

Mary Kate Olsen plastic surgery has been long stealing public attention. She reportedly had some work done in order to look different with her twin sister Ashley. Did she really have a plastic Surgery?

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Photos

The rumors of Mary Kate plastic surgery began spreading after she posed together with her twin sister Ashley at the 2014 World Of Children Awards in New York City on Thursday.

Mary Kate and Ashley Plastic Surgery
Mary Kate and Ashley at World Of Children Awards 2014

Based on the report published by Daily Mail Online, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen now look incredibly different. Although nothing has been confirmed whether they have had some surgical procedures or not, some viewers have already made up their minds. They believe that she had undergone plastic surgery procedures, so that her appearance now looks much different. How she has changed.

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Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The followings are some pictures of Mary Kate before and after plastic surgery. See! how she has changed her look.

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before And After
Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before And After

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Then and Now

What do you think? Does Mary-Kate really look different? Is it true that the changes of her appearance are due to plastic surgery?

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Lists

A lot of plastic surgeons agree that MK and Ashley Olsen have undergone a nose job. Their allegations are based on the shape of their nose which look a little bit different than before.

Mary Kate Olsen Nose Job Before and After
Mary Kate Olsen Nose Job Before and After

A ccording to Dr. Anthony Youn, MK and Ashley Olsen have undergone nose jobs. The sign of Mary Kate olsen nose job can be seen from the shape of her nose which now looks like a smaller button nice, but a tad pinched. While the shape of Ashley’s nose now looks thinner than before but also more projected. The doctor also sees that Mary-Kate’s eyebrows now look much higher than before, indicating brow lift. Her cheeks also look lifted, it can be the result of using implants.

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The same Dr. Anthony Youn, Dr. Brian Glatt told “Both clearly have had rhinoplasty and likely by the same doctor. The tips of their noses were thicker and bulbous before and have been shaved down to more of a ‘point’.”

Both MK and Ashley Olsen might have not confirmed yet about the rumors. But, looking at Mary Kate Olsen face, people believed that she definitely had some work done.

What do you think about the transformation of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Feel free to share your reviews in comments’ box below.

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