Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Pictures 2018

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery has long been stealing public attention. The wife of Donald Trump reportedly had a Botox injection, lips augmentation, cheeks injection, and boob job or breast augmentation surgery.

Melania Trump Cosmetic Surgery

However, the truth of this rumor is still debated by viewers and her fans. Some believe that she has had some work done, but not a few of her fans claim that she did not.

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Did Melania Trump Have Plastic Surgery?

The rumor of Melania Trump surgery began spreading after some viewers see her with flawless look with wrinkles-free.

Besides having ageless appearance, they also noticed that the shape of her lips and boobs look different than she used to. Did she really have had some work done? Let’s see the following reviews of plastic surgeons.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Before talking further about this rumor, let’s see the following pictures of Melania Trump before and after!

melania trump plastic surgery before and after

melania trump plastic surgery boob job
Melania Trump Boob Job
melania trump plastic surgery botox injection
Botox Injection
melania trump plastic surgery then and now
Melania Trump Then and Now

What do you think? Does she look different? Is it true that her transformation due to plastic surgery? Let’s see the reviews of plastic surgery expert below!

Dr. Franklin Rose, MD – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – Houston, Texas, says

We can’t say for sure what procedures Melania, 45—who is Republican Candidate Donald Trump’s third wife-–has or has not done,  but modeling photos of her as a teenager indicates some subtle and not-so subtle changes.

The surgeon adds that in early photos, taken while Melania was a teen model in Milan, Italy, she boasts naturally dark hair and lovely, vaguely exotic eyes, a product of her parents Slovenian heritage.  But just like her hair color, Melania’s original nose is long gone.

Dr. Franklin Rose also notices that Melania could be the first first lady with breast implants which seem very generous — especially for such a skinny person!

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The following picture may be able to describe all procedures of Melania Trump plastic surgery.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery List

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery List

Botox Injection

Look at her forehed! It appears as smooth as a baby’s rear end, indicating liberal amounts of Botox injection. Is it natural? Viewers say no, they see that her face skin especially her forehead really contrasts to Melania Trump age, 46 years.

Cheeks Injection

Dr. Rose observes that her cheeks, along with the nasolabial lines between the nose and corners of the mouth, likely
have fillers. He also predicts that the cost of it run from $3K to $5K depending on the material injected.

Lips Injection

Besides apparent fillers such as Juvéderm, Melania apparently has had Botox in her upper lip to smooth out so-called barcode lines. If overdone, the $12K fixers can make it difficult to smile.

Melania Trump Boobs

melania trump breast implants

The most noticeable sign of Melania Trump surgery is her breasts size. It cannot be denied anymore that her breast size now looks twice bigger than before. Her boobs size now looks like 450CC.

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