Nicki Minaj Before and After Plastic Surgery 2018

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Nicki Minaj Boob Job

In some photos, Nicki Minaj boob size looks much bigger and fuller than before. Looking at this unnatural change, people believe that the rapper could have gotten breast implants (breast augmentation surgery).

nicki minaj boob job before and after
Nicki Minaj Boob Job Before and After

According to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the 34-year-old singer definately looks like having her boobs augmented.  The surgeon sees that her breasts are much larger and fuller than before.

“Nicki Minaj certainly looks like she has augmented her look.  Both her breasts and buttocks are much larger and fuller in size.  It is common for a patient who likes the curvy look to undergo a breast augmentation and buttocks augmentation to balance their proportions.”

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants

Besides breast augmentation surgery, Nicki was also rumored having been under knife for butt implants. This speculation is based on her buttock which now looks much bigger than it was before.

nicki minaj butt implants before and after
Nicki Minaj Butt Implants Before and After

An American rapper Remy Ma ensures that Nicki Minaj butt is fake or result of buttocks injections. He told that the 34-year-old rapper not only has had booty implants, but that they ruptured!

nicki minaj fake butt
nicki minaj fake butt

Nicki herself neither confirmed nor denied the speculations of butt implants. She just says:

“I don’t mind the questions, I don’t mind the fascination. You know, people are sitting in the barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are gonna do. As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m good.”

Nonetheless, viewers believe that  the “Anaconda” singer’s backside looks enhanced through butt surgery. One of the fans even says:

“Some injections have been known to explode during extreme heat. Nicky’s butt was probably moving at such a high rate that friction caused the implant to burst like a water balloon. We’re lucky a fan wasn’t injured”

Over all, plastic surgery indeed has become a short cut which is most often taken by celebrities, singers, and models as the way to keep their look even though they often did not admit it.

In the case of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery, the rapper might have denied having some cosmetic surgery procedures done, but judging from before and after pictures people believe that her nose, boobs, and butt enhanced through plastic surgery.

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