Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos 2018

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Procedures

Judging from Robin Mcgraw before and after pictures, many plastic surgery experts seem to have suspicion on her youthful appearance. They see that in addition to healthy living, she has also had a brow lift, Botox injections, dental veneers, breast augmentation and nose job in addition to a recent cutting edge “endoscop­ic mid-face-lift,” which requires less facelift recovery time than a traditional full facelift.

Robin Mcgraw Facelift

Robin Mcgraw Facelift Before and After Photos

On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia writes:

” My wife is an avid Dr Phil watcher, so I see more than a few Dr Phil shows via the DVR. My wife and I have seen Dr Phil’s wife Robin on a few shows and it is obvious at least facially that she has had some work.”

“Would I venture to guess as to what exactly Robin has had done? Nope. I would suspect a facelift plus or minus eyes, but I have not treated her (obviously or this post would not be here.) Without seeing more images of Robin, before and after the times of suspected surgery it would be a hard guess.”

“One of the doctors in this Radaronline piece suggests she has had a mid-face lift and that is possible as the operation is in vogue and she would have probably seen one of the hot shots for that which is fashionable. This is my inference of course. The Radaronline doctors might have had a selection of images to review I would suspect.”

“I am more of a body surgeon and images of these areas are not so prevalent of Robin, so I would not make many more suggestions vis-a-vis what might have transpired in the operating room. As long as she and Dr Phil are happy about it, it’s all good.”

Look at Robin Mcgraw’s face! She appears with smooth and tight facial skin as if it is hard to see the wrinkles around her face, indicating facelift surgery has been done well.

Looking at Robin Mcgraw’s recent face, it is almost impossible for her to age naturally without plastic surgery.

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