The Beauty Evolution of a Sexy Redhead In “Babe” Video Star Taylor Swift, Identically to Plastic Surgery Result

Year 1995

Taylor Swift 1995Photo Credit: Andrew Orth / Coleman RaynerLook at that angel face! At just six years old, Taylor is already looking like a star in the making. She has beautiful double eyelids that runs deep below her eyebrows. With this, we can pretty much rule out any eye or eyelid surgery. It also appears she’s got really ash blonde hair back then, no wonder they say Taylor’s natural hair color changes by itself.

Year 1996

Taylor Swift 1996Souce: TwitterWho would have thought that she’d play soccer when she was young? It’s not often you get to see a cute chubby Taylor Swift either. Just look at the baby fat on her face and that full waistline. It seems like she’s got some big buck teeth too and you’ll definitely see the teeth change if you compare her pics from back then and now. Braces anyone?

Year 2001

Taylor Swift 2001Image Credit: Andrew Orth / Coleman RaynerTaylor developed an interest in musical theatre at the young age of 9. She began taking vocal and acting classes in New York, but felt in love with country music after listening to Shanian Twain’s songs. When she turned 12 (in the photo), she received help from a local musician and was taught how to play guitar and write songs.

With most of the baby fat gone, her facial features has developed into the familiar face we’re so used to seeing. What a pretty young lad with incredible music talents!

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