The Beauty Evolution of a Sexy Redhead In “Babe” Video Star Taylor Swift, Identically to Plastic Surgery Result

Year 2013

Taylor Swift 2013Credit: Getty ImagesTaylor Swift makes a curvy entry on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards in Beverly Hills. Her bust size has definitely increased so we don’t blame you if you think that she’s visited a cosmetic surgeon and got herself a breast enhancement surgery done. Just look how perky and full her boobs now looks! And with today’s medical skills, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see any implant scars either.

By the way, are those wrinkles showing on her forehead? Given that she’s only 24 years of age, so she better stick to her skin care routine, otherwise she may need Botox fillers or a browlift procedure to treat that area soon.

Year 2014

Taylor Swift 2014Image Credit: Getty ImagesIf you think Taylor Swift’s got a new body, then you’re absolutely correct! In fact, she looks nothing like the old stick figure that many people have criticized and then all of a sudden, she looks like the tall blonde Kardashian…WHAT! Are you sure those are her legs and her butt?

Okay, while you may be shouting plastic surgery, but we actually think she may have achieved that lower body through some fitness workout routines with a really good personal trainer. Look closely at her thighs and calf muscles…those legs honestly look like hard work. As to whether she has butt implants in her bum…we’ll let you decide!

Year 2015

Taylor Swift 2015Photo Credit: Getty ImagesSeriously people, if those don’t look like fake boobs to you, we don’t know what does! Whether those breasts are real or not, it didn’t stop Taylor from dating Scottish DJ and record producer, Calvin Harris, with the pair reportedly earning over $145 million in total, making them the highest paid celebrity couple in 2015.

Year 2016

Taylor Swift 2016Credit: Getty ImagesThis was one of the most successful year for Taylor in which she won 3 Grammy Awards for “1989” album and “Bad Blood”. There’s been rumours suggesting that the star has got tattoos on her arms, body and foot, however we couldn’t find any proof to support those claims. We’ve also seen photos of her with the tat, number 13 on her hand, but that turned out to be a fake tattoo only.

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