The Beauty Evolution of a Sexy Redhead In “Babe” Video Star Taylor Swift, Identically to Plastic Surgery Result

New Teeth & Veneer?

Taylor Swift's teeth before and afterTaylor Swift’s Teeth Before and AfterIt appears that Taylor had some bad teeth when she was growing up so it’s quite possible that she’s experienced some dental cosmetic procedures since youth. Whether that’s through new teeth veneer or braces, we’re not 100% but there’s a good chance that she does have fake teeth.

Did Taylor Get A Boob Job?

Taylor Swift Boob Job Before and AfterWhen you compare the before photo with the after photo on the right, it’s very clear that Taylor’s cup size has enlarged. It does seem like she’s had a boob job between the years of 2011 and 2012. If this proved to be true, then judging from the shape of her cleavage, we believe this is a breast implants surgery rather than a fat transfer or grafting procedure.

Has She Had A Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Taylor Swift Nose Job Before & AfterIf you look at the photo on the right, Taylor’s nose is visibly narrower and more refined. Whether this is a nose job or makeup effects, we’ll leave that choice for you. But if this is true, then you’ve got to admit that her plastic surgeon has done a wonderful minor rhinoplasty in beautifying her nose without altering it too dramatically.

Does Taylor Swift Have Butt Implants?

Taylor Swift Implants?If a picture is worth a thousand words…WOW! Enough said.

What Do Cosmetic Surgery Experts Think About Taylor Swift’s Transformation?

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