The Hottest Nail Trends for Summer 2018

What are the hottest nail trends for summer 2018? If you pay any attention to the world of beauty and fashion on social media platforms, then you will be well aware that one of the biggest trends for this year is nails. If your nails aren’t on fleek this summer, then you may as well call it a day and wait for the autumn to arrive already! Being able to do great nails is a real talent, so whether you are planning on executing them yourself, or whether you are looking for inspiration to take your local salon, here are some of the hottest nail trends for summer 2018.


Pastel shades are going to be really big this summer. Pretty pinks and delicate lavenders scream summer, and whilst you might not want to put together an entire outfit in those shades, you can definitely give a pop of pastel in your nails.


It might be a bit tricky to master, but the marbled effect is going to be a big feature in nail beauty in 2018. It might be best to trust a professional nail artist to achieve this look, but those few extra dollars will be oh so worth it when you see the final result!


There is a feeling of going back to basics for this summer’s nail trends, and that includes favouring natural shapes over super long or coffin styles. Clean and discreet are the keywords this summer, with the impact of your nails coming from the colour or pattern rather than the actual shape.