These Real Men Reveal Exactly What They Were Thinking Before Saying ‘I Love You’

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Dating today is so much more relaxed and casual than dating in the past. Nowadays, it’s also more acceptable for women to make the first move. If you really like a guy and want to ask him out for coffee, why not go for it? But we do still expect guys to make the first move in many situations, even today. When’s the last time you heard of a woman proposing to a guy? It definitely happens, but it’s quite rare. And when you get into a relationship, isn’t it nice when the guy steps up and says “I love you” first? After all, being the first one to say those three little words is super scary!

So, we expect guys to make the first move and to be the first ones to say “I love you.” How do guys feel about it? When a guy says “I love you” for the first time, what’s really going through his head? It’s hard to tell—guys aren’t as emotional as girls are, so sometimes it can seem like it’s impossible to understand what they’re really feeling. But here are 15 confessions from guys remembering the moment they said: “I love you.”

15. “I felt pressured to tell her that I loved her…I didn’t feel it yet, but I knew she wanted to hear it.”

Sometimes it can be hard to let someone down, especially if you care about them. Actually, scratch that—it’s pretty much ALWAYS hard to know that you’re letting someone down. And if they’re someone special in your life, knowing that you can’t do what they need just gives you that awful sinking feeling in your stomach. Maybe that’s why this guy decided to tell his girlfriend that he loved her, even though he didn’t really feel that way. He says that he definitely did not actually love her yet when he said those words, but he knew that she really wanted to hear it. So he went ahead and said it anyway. It’s clear that in this relationship, the girl has stronger feelings than the guy.

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