These Real Men Reveal Exactly What They Were Thinking Before Saying ‘I Love You’

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8. “I knew things were ending, but I said ‘I love you’ anyway. I knew she would tell me it was over. It was a Hail Mary.”

As we talked about before, saying “I love you” in order to fix a relationship is always a long shot. You might be able to patch things up and put a band aid on it for a little while, but in reality, just saying those words won’t be enough. You’ll have a lot of work to do when it comes to fixing all of the underlying problems. Just look at the guy who wrote this confession. He was going through a lot of problems in his relationship, and he didn’t know what to do to fix it all. He was simply too overwhelmed to think of any realistic solutions. So he decided to just tell his girlfriend “I love you” in hopes that it would fix things—but unfortunately, it didn’t.

7. “I was so excited to say it. I thought she would say it right back. She hesitated. I know she doesn’t feel the same way.”

Sure, there are some people out there who would say “I love you” even if they knew there was no chance of the other person saying it back. And that’s amazing! Good for them, honestly. They can be open and real about their feelings without expecting a certain reaction from anyone else, and if everyone was the same way, the world might be a better place. But the truth is that most people do not fall into this category. The guy who wrote this confession truthfully expected his girlfriend to respond a little differently when he told her that he loved her. But she hesitated before saying, “I love you, too,” and now he says he knows that she does not feel the same way.

6. “When we had to go long distance, I finally told my girlfriend I loved her. I wanted her to understand that I wouldn’t leave her.”

Some people tell their significant other “I love you” right when the mood strikes, while some people wait for special occasions. For example, a guy might wait until his girlfriend’s birthday or their one-year anniversary. Sometimes, waiting for a special moment can make it even more romantic! The guy who wrote this confession hadn’t told his girlfriend that he loved her yet, but he knew that they would be going long distance. Before they moved away, he finally told her that he loved her. He says that he waited for this moment because he wanted to reassure his girlfriend that he would not leave her while they were apart. That’s so sweet—if only there were more guys out there who acted this way! She’s one lucky girl.

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