These Real Men Reveal Exactly What They Were Thinking Before Saying ‘I Love You’

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5. “Honestly, I don’t think I feel real love for anyway. When I told my girlfriend I loved her, it felt like a lie from the beginning.”

Some people really struggle when it comes to their emotions. In fact, many men suppress their emotions and actively hide them. They’re taught that it is not “manly” to be emotional, and they end up feeling like they are unable to express themselves when they’re older. Maybe that’s why the guy who wrote this confession says that he isn’t sure if he’s ever felt real love for anyone. As sad as it is to read that, there are probably many people out there who can relate. Today it is very easy to stay isolated from other people and avoid forming real connections. He says that he has told his girlfriend that he loves her, but from the first time that he said it, he knew it was a lie.

4. “I had just cheated on my girlfriend. I told her I loved her to ease her suspicions. I felt horrible before and after.”

Ouch. Reading confessions like this can make your skin crawl! Anyway, let’s dig into this guy’s situation. Basically, he starts by admitting that he cheated on his girlfriend. And he knew that there was a good chance she would start to suspect exactly what was happening. So what did he do? He decided that he needed to cover his tracks by acting more affectionate. He told her, “I love you” for the first time so that she would ignore his other sketchy behavior. We feel so bad for this girl. Reading a story like this is enough to make you doubt anything that comes out of a man’s mouth! But don’t lose hope—there are still plenty of good guys out there who would never do something like this.

3. “I said ‘I love you’ for the first time when my girl was having a panic attack. In that moment I saw how much she needed me.”

Many people today are becoming more and more open about their struggles with mental health. This is a good thing—it means that we can finally start breaking down all of the stigma surrounding mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But when you are struggling with your mental health, getting into a relationship can still feel like a big, scary step. Because you know that whoever you are dating will have to be someone you can rely on during those days you feel like you just can’t get out of bed. This girl is lucky—her boyfriend confessed that he said, “I love you” for the first time to comfort her while she was having a panic attack. He says that was the moment he realized how badly she needed him.

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