These Real Men Reveal Exactly What They Were Thinking Before Saying ‘I Love You’

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2. “One day I randomly told my girlfriend, ‘Surprise! I love you!’ I was so anxious about it that I had to turn it into a joke.”

Awww, this confession is so adorable! Now, at this point we’ve established that it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious or scared about saying “I love you” for the first time. Even if you’re the most confident, manly guy in existence, it’s totally fine to feel nervous about saying “I love you.” The guy who wrote this confession found a unique way to handle his situation. He wanted to tell his girlfriend that he loved her, but he was so freaked out by the thought of actually saying it that he knew he wouldn’t be able to just sit her down and tell her. So instead, he randomly blurted out, “Surprise! I love you!” He says that he was so scared he just had to turn it into a joke!

1. “It felt so good to say it. I didn’t love my previous girlfriends. But I love this girl with all my heart. I knew I meant every word when I said it.”

Now, this is the type of confession that every girl on the planet would want to hear from her boyfriend. Seriously, how cute is this? We wish that every guy took a cue from the man who wrote this confession. He says that he didn’t truly fall in love with his previous girlfriends, but when he met the girl that he is dating now, he just knew that she would somehow be different. He says that by the time he said, “I love you,” he knew that he loved her with all his heart. There was no doubt in his mind when he finally said those three little words. If he was nervous, he probably didn’t show it—but honestly, it doesn’t sound like he was scared at all!

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