Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery has made headlines in several celebrity magazines. He is reported having had some cosmetic surgery procedures such as a rhinoplasty (nose job), cosmetic dentistry, facelift, eyelid surgery, Botox, fillers and also skin treatments like Fraxel or CoolTouch.

Did Tom Cruise Have Plastic Surgery?

Before answering the question above, let’s take a look at some before and after pictures below. After that, we will try to analyze the pictures one by one whether he really has had some procedures of cosmetic surgery or not.

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before After
Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics
Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Then and Now

What do you think? Does he now looks different? Is that true if the changes were due to plastic surgery?

Tom Cruise Face Lift, Filler and Eyelid Surgery

Everyone apparently could not stop talking about how different he looked. Tom’s face now appears puffy, youthful and refreshed. It is believed as the effect of facelift and too much facial filler injection.

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His eyes also look free from excessive skin. It indicates that he might also have had a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Tom Cruise Face Lift Before and After

In an exclusive interview with Playboy magazine before the divorce news last year, 50-year old Tom Cruise was asked whether he really has been under knife or not. He claimed that  he never had any beauty surgery. He also ensured that he would never have it. Do you believe him?

Although he has denied all the speculations, but before and after pictures talk themselves.

Tom Cruise Nose Job and Teeth Surgery

If we look at the comparison between before and after photos, The shape of Tom Cruise nose indeed looks different. It has changed significantly. Viewers see that his nose now appears slimmer with more pinched tip.

Tom Cruise Nose Job Before and After

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia says, “I’ve seen Tom Cruise images as a younger man. He seems to have had a nose or two.”

Besides having nose enhanced, he is also rumored having been under knife for teeth surgery. The allegations is based on how his teeth look in this day. Tom Cruise’s teeth now appears tidier than before.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After

Tom Cruise might be able to hide his surgical procedures. But he seemed to forget that between before and after photos look much different. Sadly, the changes of Tom Cruise’s face are more closely to the results of plastic surgery rather than aging naturally.

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