Toni Braxton’s Look Has Changed a Lots– Did She Have a Plastic Surgery?

We recently reported that Toni Braxton posted a hot photo on her Twitter account and impressed her followers. She was wearing a black outfit and sexy stockings that managed to drive her fans crazy. Just take a look at the photo below.

‘Can’t you tell…by the look on my face? Vibes ♥️’ Toni captioned the hot pic.

‘Good morning Ms. Toni. I am Carmen from Atlanta, Ga. and I love your New as well as old songs!!!?Please continue to show all the love from your songs. God Bless..’ one Twitter follower posted.

But not all of her fans were interested in commenting about her music. Lots of them are asking themselves whether she went under the knife to get plastic surgery.

You may recall that back in 1993 Toni revealed that she had a nose job while she was recording her debut album.

She captioned her recent photo with ‘Vibes,’ and we have to be honest with you and tell you that we don’t have a clue what she’s referring to.

Vibes ♥️

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‘You look cute booo, but ya nose looks smaller,’ a follower commented. ‘Like it was none.’

‘Now what in the hell happened to the other portion of your nose!? Commmmeonnnnnnn…’ someone else said.

‘Did you get a nose job?’ another fan wondered. ‘It’s looking awfully thin. Birdman brought that undercover freak out in you! ? rocking 51!’

‘She a pretty lady but [why] she re-do her nose smh,’ another follower said.

A commenter noted that her longtime battle with Lupus makes her face to appear different.

‘It’s because of her having Lupus including the steroids and other medications that she’s taking for her illness,’ a fan said before adding to another commenter that ‘it’s been the same nose that she has on her face since the early 90s. Toni only had one nose job back in the 90s she even admitted that in her memoir. ?’

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