When Relationships Are Based on Manipulation, Recognize These 5 signs and Break the Pattern

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They will not hesitate to push their insecurities on you, because they want you to feel sorry for them. They use this mind game as a way to control you and your life, so that you have very little wiggle room to make your own decisions. Ever been in a relationship where you couldn’t have any male or female friends because it made your partner jealous? Well, that’s a surefire sign you’ve been manipulated, so watch out for this behavior in any future relationship.

Just because they have insecurities about you having male or female friends, does not make it okay for them to decide who you hang out with. They have to take responsibility for how they feel, and you have to tell them that you cannot be manipulated into letting his or her insecurities run the entire relationship.


A manipulator will quickly pick apart your “flaws” or “imperfections” as a way to disempower you. If you have more power than them, they will feel threatened and cannot manipulate you. They don’t want you to have confidence in yourself, because this makes them have less self-esteem. Their entire existence depends on stealing energy from people in order to survive.

They make you believe they want to help you become a better person, so they point out your weaknesses and tell you that they will assist you in turning them into strengths. However, they don’t really care about helping you; they just want to help themselves by getting you to trust them so they can carry out their sinister plot. By having people on their side, trusting them and relying on them, it boosts their ego and makes them feel worthwhile. Just know that a person who tears you apart and says they want to help build you back up can only have one motive, and it doesn’t involve helping you.

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